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Turn Any Study Materials into Flashcards, Quizzes, and Notes Instantly

Generate Flashcards from Anything in Seconds

Instantly generate flashcards from any study materials, be it textbooks, articles, or lecture videos. Boost your memory retention and accelerate learning by up to 10 times faster.

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Turn Your Study Materials into Engaging Quizzes

Transform your PDFs, slides, or study videos into interactive practice quizzes. This way, you can effectively test your knowledge and better prepare yourself for exams.

  • ELA

    Create custom quizzes from English literature, grammar exercises, and vocabulary lists.

  • Biology

    Convert biology textbooks, diagrams, lab reports, and genetic concepts into useful quizzes.

  • Physics

    Turn formulas, physics problems, and diagrams into dynamic interactive practice quizzes.

  • Mathematics

    Transform math textbooks, lecture notes, and practice problem sets into test quizzes.

  • History

    Turn historical documents, primary sources, timelines, and historical maps into engaging practice quizzes.

  • Geography

    Convert geographical facts, maps, and country profiles into interactive practice questions.

  • Chemistry

    Craft chemistry quizzes from study materials like textbooks, periodic tables, chemical equations, and lab experiments.

  • Literature

    Develop interactive practice quizzes from literary works, poetry, literary devices, and author analyses.

  • Social Studies

    Generate practice quizzes from social studies resources, including government documents, maps, and current events.

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Notes AI

Condense large amounts of educational content into concise and digestible notes, making studying more efficient and effective.

Math AI

Get accurate, step-by-step solutions to various math problems, including algebra, calculus, or any other branch of mathematics.


Upload and chat with PDF documents. Whether you need help extracting information from textbooks or summarizing papers, it handles them all.

AI Tutor

Get personalized, round-the-clock assistance from the AI study assistant. You will have continuous support throughout your learning process.

More e-Learning Tools for Smarter Studying
More e-Learning Tools for Smarter Studying

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    Test yourself to track progress and improve.

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